Epileptic Disorders


Epileptic ictal strabismus: a case report and review of the literature Volume 20, issue 4, August 2018

00:09. The patient has a rightward horizontal conjugate eye deviation; the EEG shows rhythmic theta activity over the right posterior temporal region. 00:14. Appearance of convergent strabismus due to adduction of the right eye without conjugate left eye abduction; the EEG shows rhythmic epileptic activity over the right fronto-central regions. 00:15. The patient blinks (see blink artefact over frontal regions). 00:32. Leftward deviation (version) of the head and subsequent bilateral tonic-clonic seizure (not shown). Sensitivity: 10 V; LF: 0.53 Hz; HF: 70 Hz; speed: 20 sec/page."

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