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Volume 26, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2022


Volume 26, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2022


En accès libre Advocacy to make scientific research an electoral issue (p.217-8)
Eloi R. Verrier
Free Access


Article What are we talking about? When Monkeypox virus infection inadvertently results in smallpox in French (p.219-21)
Jean-Nicolas Tournier

Article Scientific fraud and misconducts (p.222-7)
Tania Louis


Article Treatment of chronic hepatitis B: virological and pharmacological aspects (p.228-39)
Tristan Foucault, Lynda Handala, Gilles Paintaud, Catherine Gaudy-Graffin, Julien Marlet

Point de vue

Article Human viruses, ancient, recent and zoonosis : a never ending story? (p.240-52)
Rob W.H. Ruigrok, Emmanuel Drouet, Patrice Morand, Nicolas Tarbouriech


Article Atypical New Lav Blot I (HIV-1 Western blot) profile with loss of antibodies to gp120, gp41 and polymerase in a HIV-1 subtype A infected patient at AIDS stage (p.253-5)
Vincent Guiraud, Yasmina Talb, Charline Ramahefasolo, Karl Stefic, Agnès Gautheret-Dejean

Prix de thèses

Article Joint Thesis Award 2021 of the Société Française de Virologie and ANRS | Maladies infectieuses émergentes (p.256-67)
Marie Armani-Tourret, Jérémy Dufloo, Marion Delphin, Virgile Rat, Benoit Arragain, Paul Bastard, Serafima Guseva, Natacha Delrez