Les Tribunes de la Santé

Les Tribunes de la Santé

The "Tribunes de la santé (Sève)" aim to develop a multidisciplinary, forward-looking, no-holds-barred approach to health and health insurance. Their ambition is to open up new forums, to provide a place for reflection and exchange, and to contribute to the development of keys to understanding current events and ongoing changes.


Issues per year: 4

ISSN: 2678-9035

ISSN (online): 2105-2182

Editor: Didier Tabuteau (vice-président du Conseil d'Etat)

Published in: French


Contact details

Director of publication

Gilles Cahn

Publisher: JLE

Bât. A – 30, rue Berthollet
94110 Arcueil – France
Tél. : 01 46 73 06 60

RCS Créteil 982 935 876

Président et représentant légal : Gilles Cahn


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