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Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Sang Thrombose Vaisseaux

Volume 34, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2022


Volume 34, issue 3, Mai-Juin 2022


Article News (p.103-10)
Jean-Michel Juliard, Ludovic Drouet

Évaluation d’une stratégie/Strategy evaluation

Article Context of use and proper use of prothrombin complex concentrate in an hospital: a year in review (p.111-7)
Aude Eugene, Guillaume Buiret, Thibaut Girardot, Claire Combe


Article Cardiovascular toxicity related to anthracylines. What screening strategy in 2022? (p.119-23)
Enrique Alonso, Emilie Fouguères, Stéphane Boulet, Claudine Carville

Article Anticancer drug-related cardiotoxicity and its early detection: a place for cardiac perfusion imaging? (p.124-9)
Farah Cadour, Franck Thuny, Joevin Sourdon

Cas cliniques/Clinical cases

Article Neurosurgical emergency in a 23-year-old woman treated with rivaroxaban: how to manage anticoagulation? (p.130-2)
Mariame Barry, Nathalie Itzhar-Baïkian, Benjamin Parat, Tuan-Huy Tran, Nozar Aghakhani, Virginie Siguret

Article Pulmonary embolism: a rare cause of secondary spontaneous pneumothorax (p.133-5)
Tolojanahary Herizo Andrianjakamanana, Hasina Dina Ranoharison, Ny Ony Narindra Lova Hasina Rajaonarison, Emmylou Prisca Gabrielle Andrianah, Ahmad Ahmad

Arrêt sur image/Images in cardiovascular medicine

Article Glomus tumor of the hand. Multifocal localization (p.137-9)
Claude Laurian, Boris Oehmichen, Francesca Toni, Annouk Bisdorff