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Acute promyelocytic leukemia: thrombosis or hemorrhage? Volume 33, issue 5, September-October 2021


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1 Hôpital 20 Août 1953, service d’hématologie et oncologie pédiatrique, 6, rue Lahcen Al Aarjoune, Casablanca, Maroc
2 CHU Ibn Rochd, service de cardiologie, 1, rue des Hôpitaux, Casablanca, Maroc
3 Université Ain Chock de Casablanca, faculté de médecine et de pharmacie de Casablanca, Rue Tarik Ibnou Ziad, Casablanca, Maroc
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Thrombotic events in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) represent a serious phenomenon, with a significant incidence of 2-10-15 % [1], imposing early diagnosis. The PDF/FIB and D-dimer/FIB ratios would be higher than the normal range in patients who developed thromboses, but significantly lower than in patients with hemorrhagic syndromes. All the elements of these ratios are easy to access, and their routine application would allow more frequent screening of thrombotic events. We report two clinical cases of pulmonary embolism discoveries in the diagnosis of APL.