Cahiers Santé Médecine Thérapeutique

Cahiers Santé Médecine Thérapeutique

The aim of Cahiers Santé - Médecine Thérapeutique is to provide a platform for scientific exchanges between field teams, wherever they may be, and French-speaking expert centers. Polyvalent medicine, a rapidly evolving discipline, completes the multidisciplinary approach of the journal, which covers fields of expertise ranging from internal medicine to tropical medicine, to offer a real "Therapeutic" update tool. All subjects related to drugs, but also to biotherapies, medical devices, new technologies and non-drug treatments are covered. It also deals with translational or diagnostic medicine, always from a therapeutic perspective. Chronic diseases and public health situations will also be covered in an evidence-based medicine approach.

The official journal of the Société Française de Médecine Polyvalente (SFMP)

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What if the energy restrictions announced for this winter could improve public health?
Pierre Vladimir Ennezat, Guillaume Sarre
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