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Consumption of addictive substances by Gabonese teenagers: An epidemiological survey Volume 21, issue 3, Juil-Août-Sept

Université des sciences de la santé département de pédiatrie Libreville Gabon

Objective: To study the characteristics of the consumption of addictive substances by adolescents in Gabon. Population and methods: For this cross-sectional, descriptive study, we used an anonymous questionnaire to collect information from 1469 adolescents aged 10 to 19 years in six cities in Gabon during 2008. Results: Alcohol was the addictive substance most often consumed (55.5%), followed by tobacco (21.5%) and illegal drugs (5%). In all, 47.6% of the teenagers reported having already been drunk. Combined consumption of these different substances was reported by 44.5%. Conclusion: Our results show the extent of the consumption of addictive substances among adolescents in Gabon and the existence of groups at risk of addiction and abuse. Prevention strategies must be set up.