Volume 15, issue 3, Septembre 2023


Volume 15, issue 3, Septembre 2023

Éditorial / Editorial

Article Perinatal Care: A Diverse Field of Knowledge and Experience (p.113-4)
J.-L. Chabernaud, C. Donner, J. Wendland

Article original / Original article

Article The Baby Blues also Afflict Fathers: Prevalence and Associated Factors (p.115-23)
S. Riquet, L. Nativel, P. Frémondière

Article Morbidity and Risk Factors for Mortality of Newborns at Term in Togo (p.124-30)
D.A.E. Akolly, K.M. Guedenon, C. Chabi, K.E. Djadou, N.K. Douti, K.D. Azoumah, A.D. Gbadoe, Y.D. Atakouma

Article Neonatal Spontaneous Pneumothorax: When a Clinical Sign of Complication Becomes Useful for Early Diagnosis and Treatment (p.131-4)
O.-B. Tchagbele, D. Lamboni, S.P. Kebalo, K. Gnassingbe, K.D. Azoumah

Point de vue / Standpoint

Article The eligibility criteria of the kangaroo method, applied to premature babies: our point of view (p.135-8)
D. Lebane

Article The notion of the “precocious baby”: pseudo-myth or reality? (p.139-43)
P. Fourneret

Article Umbilical Venous Catheterization in a Pediatric Ward in the Suburbs of Dakar, Senegal (p.144-5)
J.-B. Niokhor Diouf, B. Gildas Thiaw, A. Ba

Article Perinatal Spinal Cord Injury and End of Life, Reflection on a Clinical Case (p.146-9)
E. Becuwe-Gosselin, L. Enoch, L. Delhomme

Cas clinique / Case report

Article Hydranencéphalie, à propos d'un cas au centre hospitalier universitaire de Kara (p.150-3)
S.M. Talboussouma, O.-B. Tchagbele, K.A.R. Segbedji, K.P. Gbodjome, K.D. Azoumah