Politiques et Management Public


Public values put to the test by the New Public Management: An exploration via management tous Volume 41, issue 1, janvier-mars 2024


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a Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, 2, bld Gabriel, BP 26211, 21066 F-Dijon Cedex
b Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, 99 av. Jean Baptiste Clément, Villetaneuse F-93430
* Auteur correspondant : <hemairiaclerc@gmail.com>

To improve the efficiency of public action, the New public management encourages the deployment of management tools. This study, conducted in three public entities, attempts to shed light on their involvement in the genesis of value conflicts - an opportunity to examine the articulation of traditional and managerial values in a hybrid context. The data from 85 interviews are the subject of a secondary analysis. The analysis confirms the presence of composite values and indicates that closed-gender tools explain the rise of value conflicts by putting at odds the expression of public values (e.g. adaptability...). In the face of these conflicts, two mechanisms are at work: (1) the primacy given to values linked to the constellation “Relationship Between Public Administration and Its Environment”, (2) the translation of managerial values.