L'Orthodontie Française

L'Orthodontie Française

Volume 94, issue 3-4, Septembre-Décembre 2023

Numéro spécial - Journées multidisciplinaires SFODF/SFOP


Volume 94, issue 3-4, Septembre-Décembre 2023


Article Foreword (p.437-8)
Michel Le Gall

Articles originaux

Article How to recognize and distinguish dental structural anomalies? (p.439-51)
Magali Hernandez

Article Damaged first permanent molar: how conservative can we be? (p.453-60)
Magali Hernandez

Article Pulp regeneration: follow the guide (p.461-9)
Magali Hernandez, Raphaël Hainot

En accès libre What do we currently need to know about molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH) and hypomineralized second primary molars (HSPM)? (p.471-6)
Julia Estivals, Elsa Garot, Christine Couture, Patrick Rouas
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En accès libre How to optimize bonding procedures on healthy and hypomineralized enamel in orthodontics? (p.477-83)
Elisabeth Dursun, Jean-Pierre Attal
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Article MIH and compromised permanent first molars. When and which teeth to extract: guidelines (p.485-511)
Sylvie Legris

Article Impacted second molars, which surgical treatment choosing? (p.513-9)
Jean-Hugues Catherine, Jacinthe Lafont, Olivier Mockers, Michel Le Gall, Camille Philip-Alliez

Communications affichées

Article Posters presented at the 94th SFODF scientific meeting in Avignon, May 18-20, 2023 (p.521-5)