L'Orthodontie Française


Ventilation foetale et développement cranio-maxillaire Volume 73, issue 1, Mars 2002


Data acquired by means of color Doppler ultrasound very explicitly suggest what the role of the fetal ventilation and nasal capsules in the morphogenesis of the maxillary prognathism, turbinates, nasal valves and nasopharynx could be. Furthermore, the dysmorphologies observed in Apert or Crouzon craniosynostosis, achondroplasia or unilateral cleft lip would also testify that the influence of the fetal ventilatory dynamics goes beyond the limits of the face and extends to the cranial base and the cranium. The wealth of raised hypothesis thanks to the contribution of this imaging system could question the validity of some conceptions of the fetal craniomaxillary morphogenesis.