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Néphrologie & Thérapeutique

Volume 19, issue 6, October 2023


Volume 19, issue 6, October 2023

Articles originaux

Article Pruritus associated with chronic kidney disease in hemodialysis patients: a survey in French nephrologists (p.475-82)
Maxime Touzot, Pierre Bataille, Guy Rostoker, Philippe Chauveau, Antoine Lanot, Laurent Misery

Article Atypical hemolytic and uremic syndrome in Algeria: diagnostic difficulties and therapeutic constraints (p.483-90)
Souad Chelghoum, Farid Haddoum, Kamel Djenouhat, Mohamed-Taher Hamlaoui, Nawel Adjlane, Mourad Boukheloua

Article COVID-19 early curative treatments in kidney transplant recipients: is it really reasonable at the Omicron era? (p.491-6)
Yanis Tamzali, Alexia Lundy, Alexandre Bleibtreu, Maud Cazenave, Inna Mohammadou, Nadia Arzouk, Pierre Galichon, Stéphane Marot, Helga Junot, Benoît Barrou, Valérie Pourcher, Jérôme Tourret

Article Functional vesico-sphincteric disorders in children: clinical, urodynamic and evolutionary profile (p.497-505)
Maryem Ferjani, Yousra Hammi, Taha Sayari, Rym Baati, Naija Ouns, Tahar Gargah

Article Impact of physical activity in non-dialysis CKD patients followed in a multidisciplinary care network on the progression of chronic renal failure – PHYSALYS study (p.507-19)
Noémie Rossello, Évelyne Decullier, Christelle Marolho, Anne Jolivot, Maurice Laville

Revues générales

Article Immune modulation with extracorporeal photopheresis in renal transplantation: proof of concept clinical outcomes and perspective (p.521-31)
Thomas Crépin, Arnaud Lionet, Jean-François Augusto, Marc Hazzan, Cyril Garrouste, Anne-Elisabeth Heng, Didier Ducloux

En accès libre Cardiovascular calcifications in dialysis patients (p.532-41)
Pablo Ureña Torres, Charles Chazot
Free Access

Article Heart disease in hemodialysis: physiopathology and therapeutic breakthroughs (p.542-51)
Lucile Mercadal, Jean-Jacques Boffa, Jean-Philippe Collet