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Cardio-renal syndrome: what’s new in 2023? Volume 19, issue 2, April 2023


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1 CHU de Tours, service de néphrologie, 37044 Tours, France
2 Inserm U1246, SPHERE, Université de Nantes, Université de Tours, France
3 CHU de Rouen, service de néphrologie, 1, rue de Germont, 76038 Rouen, France
4 Hôpital Lariboisière, APHP, service de cardiologie, 2, rue Ambroise Paré, 75010 Paris, France
5 Inserm U1096, EnVI, Université de Rouen, France
6 Hôpital Jacques Monod, service de néphrologie, 29, avenue Pierre Mendès France, 76290 Montivilliers, France
Correspondance : D. Nezam

Cardiac and renal pathologies lead to a high morbidity and mortality rate. The cardio-renal syndrome is characterized by the coexistence of renal and cardiac dysfunction and represents a polymorphic situation that is often complex to understand. This is a common occurrence that constitutes a real public health problem. In this review article, we propose to review the current state of knowledge on this syndrome by focusing on the main physiopathological, epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects.