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Les temps forts en néphrologie en 2023 Ahead of print


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1 Centre de néphrologie et transplantation rénale, Hôpital de la Conception, AP-HM, Marseille, France
2 Aix-Marseille Université, C2VN, Inserm 1263, INRAE 1260, CERIMED, Marseille, France
3 Hôpital Edouard Herriot, service de néphrologie, dialyse, HTA et exploration fonctionnelle rénale, Hospices civils de Lyon, MAREGE, Centre de référence maladies rénales rares, Lyon, France
4 Inserm CARMEN 1060, Université de Lyon, Lyon, France
Correspondance : M. Bobot

This article aims to summarize the “Quoi de neuf en néphrologie?” session held at the 2023 SFNDT Congress in Liège and sessions focused on updates regarding IgA nephropathy (NIgA) and ANCA-associated vasculitis. The agenda for the nephrology “Quoi de neuf en néphrologie?” session this year was to review key publications from non-nephrology journals, discussing topics such as nephroprotection, treatment of glomerulopathies (IgA and APOL1), clinical trials on arterial hypertension, urinary lithiasis, and other areas of renal physiology, including glomerular filtration rate estimation.