Médecine de la Reproduction


Women and erectile dysfunction Volume 13, supplement 1, Décembre 2011

Hôpital Jeanne de Flandre, CHRU, Service d’orthogénie et médecine du couple, 59037 Lille Cedex, France, Association inter-hospitalo universitaire de sexologie (AIHUS)

Factors linked to the partner, her mode of functioning, her attitude, her feelings, her reactions, play a significant role, as cause and/or as consequence of erectile dysfunction (ED). The woman can suffer from the ED, but also cause it, accentuate or maintain it, and it is often difficult to form a precise opinion of these correlations. If it is shown that the woman mostly suffers from the ED, the reasons are complex: fall of physical performance, masculine attitude of distance, silence, assimilation by the woman of loss of sexual interest. Conversely, a female sexual dysfunction can also play a role in origin or maintenance of ED. Moreover, an aggressive, possessive, predominant, resentful, selfish, distant, woman can also, by her general behaviour, favour the appearance or persistence of ED. Finally, sometimes an event in the genital life of the woman seems to be a decisive factor. In practice, the taking into account, as soon as she is possible, of both partners, will very often allow a more objective evaluation of the interactions in the “couple system”, and a more adapted therapeutic approach.