Médecine de la Reproduction

Médecine de la Reproduction

Official journal of the "Society of Reproductive Medicine" (SMR)

Médecine de la Reproduction is concerned with procreation and therefore with the functioning of the reproductive system at all stages of life (including in utero), sexual health, hygiene, as well as with all the processes, functions, systems and mechanisms that facilitate or, on the contrary, inhibit or forbid reproduction, for the couple or the individual.

Médecine de la Reproduction thus offers review articles written by the best clinicians and researchers in the field, addressing all the specialties involved in its field of interest: gametogenesis, endocrinology, physiology and pathologies of the reproductive system, embryology, infertility, biology, genetics, ethics, etc., without forgetting research and teaching.



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Le grade et le stade d’un cancer affectent le résultat des protocoles de préservation de la fertilité

Online since 09/05/2019

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Squamous cell carcinoma occurring on a mature teratoma of the ovary: About a case
Hanae Oumhani Zniber, Amine Bazine, Asmae Grine, Najlaa Gribi, Najia Zeraidi, Aziz Baidada
Online since 04/07/2018