Médecine thérapeutique Cardiologie

Médecine thérapeutique Cardiologie

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in France and a speciality that is attracting an increasing amount of interest. It therefore requires an increasingly complex and broad spectrum of knowledge.
Now Médecine Thérapeutique Cardiologie answers cardiologists' growing need for information, positioning itself at the crossroads of basic research and medical practice.
Médecine Thérapeutique Cardiologie is a cross-functional journal covering all areas of cardiology, from epidemiology to genetics, from the latest scientific instruments to new forms of therapy, using scientific debate, overviews of the state of current research and original articles.
Aimed at cardiologists, general practitioners and specialists with an interest in cardiovascular disease, researchers and pharmacologists, Médecine Thérapeutique Cardiologie will be a benchmark journal for the whole medical community.


Issues per year: 6

ISSN: 1762-410X

ISSN (online): 1952-4072

Editor: Patrick Lacolley

Published in: French

Keywords: cardiology, cardiovascular disease