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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 29, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2019


Volume 29, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2019


En accès libre Demographic Divided in West and Central Africa; Lessons for Following this path (p.117-9)
M. Ngom
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Geste sur le terrain

En accès libre Arteriovenous fistulae for access to hemodialysis in Chad : feasibility study of a medical civic action program by a French army surgical unit (p.121-6)
F. Béranger, M. Tregarot, O. Aoun, H. De Lesquen, N. Gagnon, L. Meyrat, J.P. Avaro
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En accès libre Use of the induced membrane technique for long bone reconstruction in low-resource settings (p.127-32)
L. Mathieu, A.C. Masquelet
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En accès libre Myeloblasts and atypical bone marrow: Fortuitous discovery of the filiarial nematode loa loa in the bone marrow during a work-up for prolymphocytic T-cell leukemia (p.133-4)
M. Igala, S.A. Nto’o Eyene, L.E. Ledaga Lentombo, S.W. Mbiye Cheme, L. Rerambiah, S. Ntsame Ngoua, L.F. Pemba, J. Iba Ba, M. Bouyou Akotet, J.B. Boguikouma
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Quel est votre diagnostic ?

En accès libre Relax from the holiday on the edge of the lagoon : turquoise waters and red legs ! (p.135-8)
A. Haar, A.C. Garcia, J. Morin, J.J. Morand, J.E Blatteau
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En accès libre Lymphatic spread in an immunocompetent adult (p.139-41)
N. Ghariani Fetoui, A. Aounallah, L. Boussofara, M. Ben Kahla, S. Mokni, M. Marzouk, R. Gammoudi, W. Saidi, J. Boukadida, B. Sriha, C. Belajouza, M. Denguezli, N. Ghariani, R. Nouira
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Sur place

En accès libre Destiny ot the Gabonese international center of medical research (p.142-50)
P. Vidal, N. Mouyabi, J.P. Gonzalez
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Articles originaux

Article Severe infectious keratitis in tropical environments: 118 cases collected over 10 years (p.151-4)
S.M. Seck, M. Diakhaté, A. Oulfath, M.N. Sow, M. Dieng, N.N. Gueye

Article Evidence of high endemicity of leprosy and yaws in the municipality of Balé-Loko in the Central African Republic (p.155-8)
A. Um Boock, J.P. Ntozo’o, B. Boua, B. Vander Plaetse

Article Imported malaria: 54 cases diagnosed at the Ibn Sina Hospital Center in Rabat, Morocco (p.159-63)
M.Z Saoud, N. Ezzariga, E. Benaissa, A. Moustachi, M. Lyagoubi, S. Aoufi

Article Surgical Management of Mycetoma in Chad: Experience from the French Forward Surgical Team Deployed in N’Djamena (p.164-9)
N. de l’Escalopier, C. Choufani, A. Grosset, H. de Lesquen, J.C. Murison, A. Bertani, L. Mathieu

Article Status epilepticus in black African patients with hypertensive encephalopathy: a rare entity that must not be underrated (p.170-4)
M. Coulibaly, M.K. Toure, S.A. Koita, B.B. Coulibaly, T.M. Diop, M.I. Mangane, A.H. Al Meimoune, O. Nientao, A. Dabo, B. Diallo, H. Dicko, M. Konate, D.M. Diango, Y. Coulibaly

Article Anticoagulant-induced pseudothrombocytopenia after a plasmodium falciparum infection in a five-year-old child (p.175-7)
M. Igala, L. Kouégnigan Rerambiah, L.E. Ledaga Lentombo, A. Ifoudji Makao, S. Nto’o Eyene, S.W. Mbiye Cheme, M. Bouyou Akotet, J.B. Boguikouma

Article The attrition rate of patients in the antiretroviral therapy program in two outpatient treatment centers in Bangui (p.179-83)
S.C.H. Diemer, A.D. Konzelo Gassa Ngazo, G. Tekpa, J.D.D. Longo, P. Mbelosso

Article Prevalence of HIV infection among stroke patients in Douala (p.184-9)
Y. Mapoure Njankouo, C. Mondomobe Atchom, M.P. Halle, B.H. Mbatchou Ngahane, N.H. Luma

Article Prevalence of HIV-tuberculosis coinfection at the University Hospital of Tulear, Madagascar (p.191-4)
A.I. Rakotoniaina, R. Razafindrakoto, A. Rasamindrakotroka

Article Sexual violence: epidemiological and clinical aspects and circumstances of occurrence among women seen at the Gynecology-Obstetrics department of the Ignace Deen National Hospital of Conakry University Hospital (p.195-9)
I.S. Baldé, A. Diallo, M.H. Diallo, O. Baldé, I. Sylla, B.S. Diallo, T. Sy

Article Factors limiting the use of modern contraceptive methods in mothers with children aged 12-23 months at the Yalgado Ouedraogo University Hospital in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (p.200-5)
S. Kiemtoré, S.A. Yaméogo, B. Touré, I. Ouédraogo, W.C. Kaboré, A. Ouédraogo, B. Bonané-Thiéba

Article Pregnancy in autoimmune diseases in the sub-Saharan zone: the experience of the University Hospital of Libreville Department of Internal Medicine (p.206-12)
J. Iba Ba, I. Nseng Nseng Obiang, S. Ntsame Ngoua, M. Igala, U.D. Kombila, D. Malekou Mwenpindi, M.I. Nziengui Madjinou, N.O. Cabrera, L. Ledaga Letombo, J.B. Boguikouma

Article Management of gestational trophoblastic diseases in a low resource country: establishment of a national center and its results (p.213-9)
M. Gueye, M.D. Ndiaye, M. Diallo, A. Mbodji, S.M. Kane Gueye, J.C. Moreau

Communication courte

Article Late-onset spondyloarthritis: a study of 133 patients in Dakar, Senegal (p.220-1)
K. Condé, M. Niasse, M.S. Garba, C. Diouf, S. Diallo

Article A rare Foreign Body in the bladder: a surgical dressing as a bladder stone (p.222-4)
M. Cardinale, C. Scheiwe, F. Boubotte-Salmon, P. Laitselart