Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 27, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2017


Volume 27, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2017

Santé numérique

Article Digital: an Opportunity for Health in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa? (p.340-1)
Jean-Marie Milleliri

Article Digital Health in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Catching Up! (p.342-5)
P. Lepère, B. Tchounga, D.-K. Ekouevi

Article Interview with Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS executive director (p.346-7)
P. Lepère, V. Mongonou

Article Digital health and the need to develop centers of expertise in sub-Saharan Africa : two examples in Mali and Cameroon (p.348-53)
C.-O. Bagayoko, G. Bediang, A. Anne, M. Niang, A.-K. Traoré, A. Geissbuhler

Article The delegation of tasks in the era of e-health to support community interventions in maternal and child health: lessons learned from the PACT-Denbaya project (p.354-9)
C.-O. Bagayoko, M. Niang, A. Anne, D. Traoré, H. Sangho, A.-K. Traoré, A. Geissbuhler

Article Telecommunications companies and health in West Africa: the issues (p.360-3)
R. Ankri, M.-H. Maroune

Article m-Diabete in Senegal. “Be He@lthy Be Mobile”, a program initiated by WHO and the ITU (p.364-7)
H. Eskandar, S. Pujari, I.-K. Dia, L. Kleinebreil, S. Meagher

Article MesVaccins.net: A disruptive approach to meet the challenges of vaccination (p.368-9)
J.-L. Koeck

Article The Digital Health Observatory of the Pierre Fabre Foundation: E-health, innovative projects, committed grant-winners (p.370-4)
L. Matel


Article Telemedicine in dermatology during external operations (p.375-82)
J.J. Morand

Articles originaux

Article Anesthetic activities provided by the French forward surgical team in Abidjan, Ivory Coast: Four-year retrospective analysis (p.383-6)
B. Prunet, S. Schmitt, J. Le Gouellec, J. Schmitt, J. Cotte, C. Nguyen, P. Esnault, E. Meaudre

Article Effectiveness, safety, and cost of partial exchange transfusions in patients with sickle-cell anemia at a sickle cell disease center in sub-Saharan Africa (p.387-91)
P. Boma Muteb, J.F.J. Kaluila Mamba, P. Muhau Pfutila, V. Bilo, J.D. Panda Mulefu, D.A. Diallo

Article Prevalence of TB/HIV coinfection in antiretroviral-naïve patients at the Fann Ambulatory Treatment Center in Dakar (p.392-6)
D. Ka, N.F. Ngom Guéye, N. Fall, N.O. Touré-Badiane, N. Diop, G. Batista, K. Ndiaye, C.T Ndour, M. Seydi, M.A. Faye

Article Effects of a collaborative approach to documentation of care for people living with HIV (PLWHIV) in Côte d’Ivoire (p.397-401)
I. Tiembre, V.J. Benie Bi, H. Attoh-Touré, D. Bassalia, H. N’Guessan, S. Dagnan, J. Tagliante-Saracino

Article Evaluation of transfusion practices in sickle cell disease in Senegal: cohort study of 1078 patients with sickle cell disease (p.402-6)
M. Seck, A. Tall, B.F. Faye, D. Sy Bah, Y. Guéye, A. Sall, A.O. Touré, S. Diop

Article Patients’ Families’ Perceptions of Lupus in Sub-Saharan Africa (p.407-10)
J. Iba Ba, M. Ouédraogo, Y.S. Oliveira, I. Nseng Nseng, A. Abo Ekomie, J.B. Boguikouma

Article Tetanus: Epidemiological and clinical aspects and factors associated with death at the University Hospital of Brazzaville, Congo (p.411-4)
B.R. Ossibi Ibara, J.R. Mabiala Babela, L. Atipo Ibara Ollandzobo, N.E. Ngoyi-Ontsira, G. Sekangue-Obili, H.B. Didi Gossaki, J.P.C. Boumandouki, M.F. Puruehnce, Obengui

Article Need for surgical treatment of epilepsy and excision of tumors and post-traumatic epileptogenic lesions in Kinshasa, RDC (p.415-20)
G. Ntsambi-Eba, A. Beltchika Kalubye, J.P. Kalala Okito

Article Motor deficit outcome in patients with stroke in the neurology unit of the Befelatanana University Hospital in Antananarivo (p.421-5)
R.S. Razafindrasata, N.F. Rasaholiarison, J. Razafimahefa, A.D. Tehindrazanarivelo

Article Mortality during road traffic accidents in Bangui, Central African Republic (p.426-30)
B.J.D. Tékpa, H.C. Diemer, P.A. Issa Mapouka, V. Ndoma Ngatchokpo, B. Gassima, M.N. Nali

Article Diseases due to intestinale protozoa diagnosed at Le Dantec University Hospital in Dakar, Senegal, from 2011 to 2015 (p.431-4)
K. Diongue, M. Ndiaye, M.C. Seck, M.A. Diallo, Y.D. Ndiaye, A.S. Badiane, D. Ndiaye

Article Upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopic lesions in a rural African hospitalo: 252 endoscopies at the Kara University Hospital, Togo (p.435-8)
O. Bouglouga, A. Bagny, L.M. Lawson-Ananissoh, K. Amanga, R. El-Hadj Yakoubou, L. Kaaga, M. Djibril, D. Redah

Article Pathological overview of chronic gastritis in Senegal: results of upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopies (p.439-42)
K. Doh, I. Thiam, A. Halim, R.C.A. Takin, G. Woto-Gaye

Article Cancer mortality in the urological department of the Sylvanus Olympio Teaching Hospital in Lome, Togo (p.443-5)
E.V. Sewa, K. Tengue, M.T. Kpatcha, G. Botcho, K.H. Sikpa, E. Leloua, T. Anoukoum, E.D. Dosseh

Communication courte

Article Scleroderma in hospital settings in Lomé: 50 cases (p.446-8)
A.S. Akakpo, J.N. Teclessou, A. Mouhari-Touré, B. Saka, H. Matakloe, K. Kakpovi, K. Kombate, P. Pitché