Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 27, issue 3, Juillet-Août-Septembre 2017


Volume 27, issue 3, Juillet-Août-Septembre 2017


Article The eradication of polio: challenges then and now (p.228-9)
Saliou Pierre, Stoeckel Philippe

Quel est votre diagnostic ?

Article Sinus mucocele leading to the discovery of granulomatous rhinosinusitis (p.230-2)
I. Achour, B. Hammami, I. Kharrat, S. Ayadi, M. Mnejja, I. Charfeddine, A. Ghorbel

Article Hepatic cytolysis and bicytopenia after 15 days of four-drug tuberculosis treatment in Senegal (p.233-4)
K. Thiam, J.M.A.N. Sagne, E.H.M. Ndiaye, M.F. Cissé, F.B.R. Mbaye, N.O. Touré, Y. Dia Kane, A. Diatta, S. Niang, U.D. Kombila, S. Dia, M. Ndao, W. Ka


Article XXIIIes Actualités du Pharo, Marseille 4-6 octobre 2017 Le financement de la santé dans les pays à ressources limitées Les arboviroses : regards croisés (p.235-52)

Articles originaux

Article Entomological and parasitological parameters of malaria transmission in Douguia, Chad (p.253-9)
A.Z. Diarra, A. Dabo, R. Saye, D. Coulibaly, M.A. Guindo, I. Sagara, G. Dolo, D. Doumtabe, H.C. Kerah, K. Namangue, T.T. Mahamat, K. Doumbo Ogobara

Article Contribution of brain CT in the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis: a case report from Djibouti (p.260-3)
M. Garetier, N.C. Roche, C. Longin, P. Clapson, A. Benois, J. Rousset

Article Non-traumatic acute peritonitis in children: causes and prognosis in 226 patients at the National Hospital of Zinder, Niger (p.264-9)
H. Adamou, O. Habou, I. Amadou-Magagi, M. Doutchi, M. Amadou, M. Halidou

Article Etiological, clinical, and therapeutic aspects of acute generalized peritonitis in N’Djamena, Chad (p.270-3)
O. Choua, M.M. Ali, M. Kaboro, K.M. Moussa, M. Anour

Article Hepatitis B, C, and E infection among HIV-infected patients in Franceville, Gabon: retrospective cross-sectional study (p.274-80)
B. Bivigou-Mboumba, F. Rouet, A. Mouinga-Ondeme, L. Deleplancque, J. Sica, A. Ndjoyi-Mbiguino, R. Njouom, S. François-Souquière

Article Asymptomatic intestinal carriage of microsporidia in HIV-positive patients in Tunisia: prevalence, species, and pathogenesis (p.281-5)
S. Aissa, N. Chabchoub, R. Abdelmalek, F. Kanoun, A. Goubantini, L. Ammari, B. Kilani, A. Bouratbine, H. Tiouiri-Ben Aissa, K. Aoun

Article Risk factors for mortality in patients with tuberculosis and HIV in Douala (Cameroon) (p.286-91)
N.E. Essomba, P.G. Ngaba, M.P. Halle, Y. Afane-Voundi, Y. Coppieters

Article Epidemiological, bacteriological and therapeutic aspects of chronic osteomyelitis in a sub-Saharan environment (p.292-5)
S. Ouedraogo, M. Zida, A. Walla, M. Tall

Article Skin diseases of the male external genitalia in the Tanlangai Hospital in Brazzaville, Congo (p.296-300)
E.S. Bayonne Kombo, A. Gathse, R.B. Soussa, A.W.S. Odzebe

Article Obstetric hemorrhages at the CHU-Yalgado Ouédraogo of Ouagadougou : etiological, therapeutic, and prognostic aspects (p.301-4)
D.P. Kain, R.D. Ajavon, H. Zamané, S. Kiemtore, Y.A. Sawadogo, I. Ouédraogo

Article Uterine rupture: socio-demographic aspects, etiology and therapy at the University Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the National Donka Hospital in Conakry University Hospital, Guinea (p.305-9)
M.H. Diallo, I.S. Baldé, M.N. Mamy, B.S. Diallo, O. Baldé, A.B. Barry, N. Keita

Article Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Algeria: quadrennial assessment (2008-2011) (p.310-4)
A.B. Benelmouffok, M. Sellami, A. Boughoufalah

Article Epidemiological profile of patients with uveitis in Boko and Parakou, in northern Bénin (p.315-8)
K.D. Ayena, K. Vonor, M.A.K. Santos, I. Sounouvou, L. Odoulami-Yehouessi, J.W. Diallo, S. Monteiro, Y.E. Nagbe, K. Balo

Article Information about medications in the district of Bamako, Mali (p.319-25)
M. Koné, T. Diallo, A. Dénou, B. F. Coulibaly, B. Dackouo, B. Coulibaly, B. Y. Koumaré, A. Maiga

Communications courtes

Article Prevalence of eye disease and visual impairment in Île de la Gonave, Haïti (p.326-8)
B. Tousignant, J. Brûlé

Article Chelonitoxism in breast-fed child: cases in Mahajanga, Madagascar (p.329-32)
N.G. Rasamimanana, J.C. Randrianandrasana, K.D. Andrianarimanana, H. Rabesandratana, N.E. Raveloson, A. Ralison

Article Acute appendicitis due to schistosomiasis: four cases at the Yalgado Ouédraogo University Hospital of Ouagadougou (p.333-5)
M. Bazongo, A.S. Ouédraogo, M. Zida, G.P. Bonkoungou, E. Ouangré, A. Sanou, N.R. Doamba, N. Zongo, Y.E. Sawadogo, S.S. Traore