Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 25, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2015


Volume 25, issue 4, Octobre-Novembre-Décembre 2015


Article Fight against neglected parasitic tropical diseases gets the Nobel prize (p.341)
Pierre Marty

Sur Place

Article Blood transfusion in the Democratic Republic of Congo: efforts and challenges (p.342-9)
J. Kabinda Maotela, S.Y. Ramazani, P. Misingi, M. Dramaix-Wilmet


Article Épidémie de typhoïde (p.350-1)
P. Bourée

Geste sur le terrain

Article Indications and surgical technique of subtotal hysterectomy for a general surgeon practicing in austere environment with limited resources (p.352-7)
Y. Goudard, V. Canel, G. Goin, G. Pauleau, P.-H. Savoie, E. Hornez, J. Bordes, A. Bertani, P. Balandraud, S. Bonnet

Quel est votre diagnostic

Article Glance at tropical dermatitis (p.359-62)
P. Leveque, A. Haar, C. Megard, R. Mathis, J.-J. Morand

Santé des voyageurs

Article A French soldier returns from the Central Africa Republic with hepatitis A: Vaccination failure is possible! (p.363-4)
C. Ficko, P.L. Conan, C. Bigaillon, S. Duron, C. Rapp


Article Overview of teledermatology in low-resource settings (p.365-72)
S. Delaigue, L. Bonnardot, D. Olson, J.J. Morand

Articles originaux

Article Assessment of treatment adherence among black Africans with heart failure (p.373-6)
M.P.B. N’Cho-Mottoh, B. Boka, K. Yayehd, C. Iklo, F. Traoré, D. Bamba-Kamagate, K. Esaie Soya, J. Koffi

Article Stomach cancer: a descriptive study of 101 cases at the gastrointestinal endoscopy center at Aristide Le Dantec University Hospital (p.377-80)
M.L. Bassène, D. Sy, D. Dia, S. Diallo, M.N. Gueye, M.A. Thioubou, A. Halim, M.L. Diouf

Article Combining microcredit, microinsurance, and the provision of health care can improve access to quality care in urban areas of Africa: Results of an experiment in the Bandalungwa health zone in Kinshasa, the Congo (p.381-5)
J. Manzambi Kuwekita, C. Gosset, M. Guillaume, M.-P. Balula Semutsari, E. Tshiama Kabongo, O. Bruyere, J.-Y. Reginster

Article Epidemiologiy of obesity among university students in Douala, Cameroon (p.386-91)
S.H. Mandengue, A.A. Bita Fouda, M. Epacka Ewane, S. Moumbe Tamba, B. Kollo

Article Cost of hospitalization by the Activity Based Costing method in the neonatal department of Principal Hospital of Dakar (p.392-6)
T. Tchamdja, A. Balaka, M. Tchandana, A. Agbétra

Article Aeromedical evacuation of critically ill patients in developing countries A retrospective study on 244 patients in Djibouti (p.397-402)
J. Bordes, D. Loheas, A. Benois

Article Obstetric emergency and non-emergency transfers to the university teaching hospital Yalgado ouedraogo of Ouagadougou: A 3-year study of their epidemiologic, clinical, and prognostic aspects (p.403-7)
A. Ouattara, C.M. Ouedraogo, A. Ouedraogo, J. Lankoande

Article Cryoglobulinemia in a Tunisian internal medicine department (p.414-8)
I. Boukhris, S. Azzabi, E. Chérif, L. Ben Hassine, Z. Kaouech, C. Kooli

Article An experience of hepatitis B control in a rural area in Far North Cameroon (p.422-7)
M. Loriette, J. Birguel, R. Damza, M. Ratoua, S. Karsikam, J.J. Sobnangou, C. Aurenche, F. Lunel-Fabiani, J.M. Huraux

Communications courtes

Article Pernicious anemia: diagnosis and course in Burkina Faso (p.428-31)
J. Koulidiati, S. Sawadogo, Y. Sagna, K.S. Somda, H. Tieno, E. Kafando, Y.J. Drabo

Article Gross hematuria in sickle cell disease at Tokoin teaching hospital in Lomé (Togo) (p.432-3)
K.M. Guedenon, A.D. Gbadoe, N.B. Nouwakpo

Article Neonatal prognosis for pulsating umbilical cord prolapse at the Befelatanana hospital of Madagascar (p.434-5)
B. Rakotozanany, D.M.A. Randriambololona, F. Razafimadimby, N.Z. Rakotomalala, J.A. Randriambelomanana, H.R. Andrianampanalinarivo

Article Acute cholangitis secondary to ascariasis and complicated by liver abscesses (p.436-40)
A. Rakotonaivo, H.D. Ranoharison, S.H. Razarimahefa, R. Rakotozafindrabe, T.H. Rabenjanahary, R.M. Ramanampamonjy

Article Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease: a rare cause of adenopathy mimicking lymphoma or tuberculosis (p.441-5)
F. Andriamampionona Tsitohery, V.F. Ranaivomanana, O. Laza, N.S. Randrianjafisamindrakotroka

Article HIV infection and mortality in the dermatology department in Lomé, Togo (p.446-8)
B. Saka, K. Kombaté, A. Mouhari-Toure, S. Akakpo, W. Gnassingbé, K. Tchangaï-Walla, P. Pitché