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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 24, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2014


Volume 24, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2014


Article International health aid: shifting the balance toward health system strengthening (p.117-8)
Paquet Christophe


Article Both Sides of the River: the Importance of North-South Conversation about Neglected Tropical Diseases (p.119-22)
S. Touré

En direct

Article Forum Solthis VIH (p.123-6)
M. Etchepare

Article Communities and vulnerability to HIV: a review of research among men having sex with men in Senegal (p.127-9)
A. Desclaux, M. Varloteaux

Article HIV Francophone Congress AfraVIH Montpellier, 27-30 April 2014 Esther : Second Day for health mediators/psychosocial consellors (p.130-4)
M. Dieng, D. Lefeuvre, M. Alassane Toure, M. Dossou Yovo, G. Raguin, C. Michon


Article Evaluation of France's contributions to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Ten years later (p.135-9)
D. Kerouedan

History Trop

Article Alain Georges: in the footsteps of Louis Pasteur and Eugène Jamot (p.140-5)
L. Bélec, J.M. Milleliri


Article Abcès tuberculeux du psoas (p.146)
P. Bourée

Article Baisse de la cryptococcose neuroméningée (p.146-7)
P. Bourée

Article Paludisme dans les forêts (p.147)
P. Bourée

Article La brucellose est sous-diagnostiquée (p.148)
P. Bourée

Article Préjudice esthétique du vitiligo (p.148-9)
P. Bourée

Article Fréquence de la toxoplasmose congénitale (p.149)
P. Bourée

Revue générale

Article Analysis of the healthcare service decentralization process in Côte d’Ivoire (p.151-6)
B.D. Soura, S.S. Coulibaly

Article original

Article Epidemiology of burn wound infection in Rabat, Morocco: Three-year review (p.157-64)
M. Essayagh, T. Essayagh, S. Essayagh, S. El Hamzaoui

Article How do Cameroonian women experience their first gynecological examination? How can the procedure be modified to improve this experience? (p.165-8)
P. Ahounkeng Nanda, E.T. Mboudou, J. Dohbit Sama, P. Foumane, P. Nana Njotang, R. Mbu Enow

Article Epidemiologic and clinical profile of patients at their first consultation with a nephrologist in Togo (p.169-71)
K.A. Sabi, B. Noto-Kadou-Kaza, Y.E. Amekoudi, M.C. Tsevi, K. Kossidze, D. Amedegnato

Article Medication adherence of 65 patients in hemodialysis in Togo (p.172-6)
K.A. Sabi, B. Noto-Kadou-Kaza, Y.E. Amekoudi, M.C. Tsevi, F. Sylla, K. Kossidze, D.A. Gnionsahe

Article Neurological complications of chronic alcoholism: study of 42 observations in Guinea (p.177-82)
F.A. Cisse, M.M. Keita, I.M. Diallo, M.I. Camara, M.M. Konate, F. Konate, K. Conde, A.N. Diallo, J. Nyassinde, B.S. Djigue, M. Camara, M.L. Koumbassa, I. Diakhate, A. Cisse

Article Fatal poisoning in Mali (p.183-8)
T. Diallo, D. Maïga, A. Maïga, H. Sangho, B. Coulibaly, H. Hami, A. Mokthari, R. Soulaymani, A. Soulaymani

Article Peripheral arterial disease of the lower limbs at Antananarivo University Hospital (Madagascar) (p.189-93)
T. Rajaonanahary, F. Raherinantenaina, M. Rakotonaivo, H. Rakoto Ratsimba

Article Characteristics and health care pathways of HIV-infected patients in Mayotte (1990-2010) (p.194-9)
S. Rougerie, C. Arvieux, J.M. Chapplain, A.M. de Montera, P. Tattevin

Article Anesthesia for upper limb surgery in a developing country: experience of infraclavicular and axillary blocks under neurostimulation (p.200-3)
H.D. Sama, A.F. Ouro Bang’na Maman, P. Egbohou, S. Assénouwé, K. Tomta, M. Chobli

Article Short-term prognosis of heart diseases managed at the pediatric intensive care unit of the Brazzaville University Hospital (p.204-7)
B. Ellenga Mbolla, A. Oko, A.R. Okoko, E. Moyen, G. Ekouya Bowassa, T.R. Gombet, J.R. Mabiala Babela, G.M. Moyen, S.G. Kimbally Kaky

Article Prevalence of protein-energy undernutrition evaluated by the measurement of triceps skinfold thickness and mid-arm muscle circumference of 103 adults with cirrhosis of the liver hospitalized in the department of hepatology and gastroenterology of the Lomé Campus University Hospital (Togo) (p.208-13)
K. Kouassi, A. Bagny, L. Kaaga, O. Bouglouga, L. Lawson Anani-Soh, C. Lamboni, D. Redah

Communication courte

Article Leg ischemia complicating the intraosseous infusion of epinephrine for a Djiboutian child (p.214-6)
O. Maurin, S. de Régoix, E. Legonidec, J.P. Tourtier, É. Kaiser

Article Profile and characteristics of pregnant adolescents in Madagascar (p.217-8)
D. Randriambololona, E. Andrianmiakatsoa Raobelle, I. Hanitrinihay Rafehivola, B. Rajaonarison, R. Andrianampanalinarivo Hery

Article Severe ametropia in children in Lomé (Togo) (p.219-20)
K. Vonor, K.D. Ayena, K. Dzidzinyo, K.M. Amedome, M. Santos, N. Maneh, R.A. Kuaovi Koko, M. Banla, K.P. Balo

Article Severe macrophage activation syndrome following visceral leishmaniasis in a child (p.221-3)
W. Oudaina, K. Assini, M. El Ouardi, H. Tligui

Lettre à l’éditeur

Article Snake bites in children (p.223)
J. Beuy, W. Viroj