Magnesium Research

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Magnesium Research

Magnesium Research, the official journal of the international Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium (SDRM), has been the benchmark journal on the use of magnesium in biomedicine for more than 30 years.
This quarterly publication provides regular updates on multinational and multidisciplinary research into magnesium, bringing together original experimental and clinical articles, correspondence, Letters to the Editor, comments on latest news, general features, summaries of relevant articles from other journals, and reports and statements from national and international conferences and symposiums.
Indexed in the leading medical databases, Magnesium Research is an essential journal for specialists and general practitioners, for basic and clinical researchers, for practising doctors and academics.


Directeur de la publication / Publication director
Gilles Cahn


Andrzej MAZUR, Clermont Ferrand,France
Federica I. WOLF (review editor), Roma, Italy

Associate editors

Andrea FLEIG Honolulu, USA - Jeanette A. MAIER, Milano, Italy - Robert VINK, Adelaide, Australia

Joanna WIETRZYK, Wroclaw, Poland (animal ethics and welfare)

1.     Mario BARBAGALLO, Palermo, Italy
2.     Jeroen H.F. de BAAIJ, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
3.     Sara CASTIGLIONI, Milan, Italy
4.     Francesco CORICA, Messina, Italy
5.     Ronald J. ELIN, Louisville KY, USA
6.     Stefano IOTTI, Bologna, Italy
7.     Klaus KISTERS, Herne, Germany
8.     Maria José LAIRES, Lisbon, Portugal
9.     Michael J. LENARDO, Bethesda, USA
10.   Andrzej LEWENSTAM, Turku-Abo, Finland
11.   Juan LLOPIS, Granada, Spain
12.   Magdalena MAJ-ŻURAWSKA, Warsaw, Poland
13.   Mihai NECHIFOR, Iasi, Romania
14.   Andrea M. ROMANI, Cleveland OH, USA
15.   Jose R. ROMERO, Boston MA, USA
16.   Michael SHECHTER, Tel-Hashomer, Israel
17.   Rhian M. TOUYZ, Glasgow, UK
18.   Valentina TRAPANI, Rome, Italy
19.   Jürgen VORMANN, Ismaning, Germany
20.   William B. WEGLICKI, Washington DC, USA
21.   Chun-Yuh YANG, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
22.   Roberta CAZZOLA, MIlan, Italy