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L'Information Psychiatrique

L'Information Psychiatrique

Volume 95, issue 3, Mars 2019


Volume 95, issue 3, Mars 2019


En accès libre Les PSYCHOSES ÉMERGENTES : un remaniement de diverses frontières (p.147-53)
Suzanne Parizot
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Psychoses émergentes (2/2)

Article A Better dissemination of knowledge and experience of early intervention in psychiatric disorders: The creation of a French-speaking branch of the IEPA (p.155-8)
Philippe Conus, Amal Abdel Baki, Marie-Odile Krebs, Marco Armando, Julie Bourgin, Frederic Haesebaert, Cynthia Delfosse, Frédérique Nadeau-Marcotte, Logos Curtis, Alessandra Solida

Article Emergent psychotic disorders: Care in a specialized treatment center? The issue of providing care and intersectorality (p.159-64)
Ijsbrand Visser, Joséphine Caubel

Article Emergent psychosis : A concept that serves clinical practice. How is the concept of emergent psychosis relevant for a clinician? (p.165-9)
Jean Chambry

Article Does translational research move us forward in identifying and treating adolescents at risk of psychosis? (p.171-9)
Laurent Holzer

Article Epidemiological and clinical aspects of the patients followed in the psychiatric department of the Regional University Teaching Hospital of Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso (p.181-5)
Désiré Nanéma, Patrice Goumbri, Timothée Tindano, Hamidou Yaméogo, Issaka Sawadogo, Kapouné Karfo, Arouna Ouédraogo

Article Risk factors and health norms in light of the concepts of urgency and kairos (p.186-92)
Isabelle Blondiaux

Article Early-onset schizophrenia: Etiopathogenic, diagnostic, and therapeutic news (p.193-6)
Marco Guidotti, Marianna Giannitelli, Claudine Laurent-Levinson, David Cohen

Question ouverte

Article Adopting a phenomenological attitude: Interest for psychiatry. Involvement and engagement in therapy (p.197-202)
Catherine Deshays

Cas clinique

Article On a case of Disorders of Sexual Development. From an error in sexual designation to the need to reconstruct a new sexual identity: The place and role of the psychiatrist (p.203-10)
Idrissa Ba, Momar Camara, Elodie Gaëlle Ngameni, Oumou Diodo Ly, Papa Lamine Faye, Mamadou Habib Thiam

Histoire de la psychiatrie

Article Nascent psychosis according to Henri Grivois (p.211-7)
Said Chebili


Article Agenda (p.218-9)


Article Bibliothèque du psychiatre. Psychothérapie d’un Indien des Plaines, de Georges Devereux (p.221-2)
Thierry Trémine

Article Analyse de livre. La pulsion de peindre, la toile et son inconscient , de Jean Nadal (p.223-4)
Jean Broustra

Article Sélection de livres (p.225-6)