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Rehabilitating psychosocial readaptation care Volume 100, issue 1, Janvier 2024

Psychiatre des hôpitaux honoraire
* Correspondance : C. Bonnet <clementbonnet@aol.com>

Semantics have a hard time distinguishing between the terms “rehabilitation” and “readaptation”, both based on the same notion of aptitude. The readaptation model has long been the driving force in French psychiatry for treating the consequences of illness, while ICF-based rehabilitation works on environmental determinants and combats exclusion and stigmatization. Rehabilitation encompasses care aimed at helping people regain their full cognitive and psychological potential, as well as actions focusing on the social dimension. To avoid confusion, it seems useful to rehabilitate psychosocial readaptation care as an objective of healthcare, without lumping it in with rehabilitation, which is more the responsibility of actors in the medico-social and social fields.