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Extract from the psychotherapy of a schizophrenia patient attending a medico-psychological center. Countertransference and the therapeutic process Volume 98, issue 7, Août-Septembre 2022

Psychologue clinicienne
GHU Paris Psychiatrie & Neurosciences, Paris, France
Correspondance : S. Dehbi
Rubrique dirigée par Martin Reca

This article describes some of the clinical material compiled from psychological therapy sessions with a schizophrenic patient in his thirties. We will explain how psychotherapeutic work began with the patient and specifically focus on the importance of countertransference as a psychotherapeutic tool.

I will first present the context of the patient’ psychotherapy and briefly show that countertransference precedes transference by relying on authors who contributed to the development of this concept. I will then describe how I first met this patient and the first steps of his therapy. Finally, I will detail the clinical events and progress that I found the most significant.