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L'Information Psychiatrique


Working as a clinical psychologist in Réunion: A practical and theoretical career spanning thirty-five years Volume 98, issue 7, Août-Septembre 2022

Docteur en anthropologie, psychologue clinicien, psychothérapeute, La Réunion
EPSMR, Psychiatrie adulte, Secteur G03, 42 chemin Grand-Pourpier, F-97866 St Paul cedex
Correspondance : P. Reignier

After an account of my career as a clinical psychologist in Réunion, including commentaries of a sociological and anthropological nature, I discuss the most important activity for every psychiatric care provider, the psychiatric interview, which is however hampered by institutional changes and “social” policies. I describe the ordeal of the encounter with the patient and its mystery in an active conception with various references.