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L'Information Psychiatrique


The therapeutic stay: A valuable lever for dechronicization Volume 98, issue 7, Août-Septembre 2022

Psychologue clinicienne, GHU Paris Psychiatrie & Neurosciences, Paris, France
Correspondance : S. Dehbi

In this paper, we present findings and observations on clinical practice in a part-time therapeutic care center (CATTP) providing treatment to adults suffering from severe personality disorders and psychosis. We will demonstrate that therapeutic stays play a key part in the prevention of chronicity in psychotic processes and the chronicization caused by psychiatric care centers. We will then describe therapeutic stays as we designed and implemented them, using three different approaches to therapeutic mediation: cultural mediation, animal mediation, and physical mediation. We will emphasize that not only does this model facilitate extensive clinical evaluation, but it also helps therapeutic recovery and improves care practices while providing for a fulfilling work environment.