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The insidious return of the ultimate enemy Volume 99, issue 2, Février 2023

Psychiatre des hôpitaux, chef de pôle, EPS Ville-Évrard, Fontenay-sous-Bois, France
* Correspondance : P. Chaltiel
Rubrique dirigée par Martin Reca

In our discipline, the notion of “cohabitation” exists at several different levels: the intrapsychic (Freud spoke of “triebmischung,” while Lacan proposed the notion of the “Borromean knot”), the intrafamilial (homeostasis and systemic change), and those of the floor, the building, the neighborhood, and the community (social psychiatry). Containing the predatory violence of our biopsycho-social heritage in order to achieve a “good enough citizenship” is an integral part of our profession, insofar as medical care, whatever its pharmacological effectiveness, is of little or no effect if it is not closely associated with an attentive socio-inclusive approach. The latter is not only based on benevolence or good feelings, but requires a specific technicality that ought to be taught.