L'Information Psychiatrique


“Repères”: A Network to Improve Early Access to Care Volume 99, issue 4, Avril 2023


1 Psychiatre, chef du Pôle 92C09, Centre Jean Wier, 5 rue Michelet, 92150 Suresnes, France
2 Psychologue, consultant-formateur, 08 quai des Docks, 06300 Nice, France
* Correspondance : J. Caubel

Despite a good intention to implement the recommendations of early detection and intervention, it is not always easy to apply them in real life. In 2020 the community mental health service in the cities of Suresnes and Puteaux has a rather comprehensive care offer dedicated to people with emerging psychological disorders and their families. However, health professionals in the area report difficulties in accessing care and a lack of coordination in psychiatric care. With funding from the Fondation de France and in collaboration with partners in the field, an early assessment and rehabilitation network (Repère) was created. This community based offer makes it possible to identify young adults with emerging psychological disorders at an early stage and to provide them with rapid support in seeking care. Its approach is destigmatising, based on the idea that being fragile is not a fate.