Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Volume 29, issue 9, November 2022

Special feature: Gastroparesis


Volume 29, issue 9, November 2022


En accès libre Advocacy for the prevention of fistulas in ano-perineal Crohn’s disease (p.1011-7)
Vincent de Parades, Nadia Fathallah, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet
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Article Is endoscopic resection of early esophageal tumors in the context of cirrhosis or portal hypertension feasible? (p.1019-26)
Mathilde Simonnot, Jean-Baptiste Chevaux, Marion Schaefer

Article Thrombotic molecular mechanisms in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (p.1027-33)
Célia Schellenberg, Véronique Regnault, Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Patrick Lacolley, Jérémy Lagrange

Article Proctological procedures that can be performed in consultation (p.1034-48)
Claire Sabat, Vincent de Parades, Élise Pommaret, Anne-Laure Rentien, Amine Alam, Nadia Fathallah

Article Hepatocellular carcinoma: identification of patients at risk and screening (p.1049-56)
Nour Ben Yedder, Sarah Habès, Carelle Koudougou, Maëva Salimon, Yann Touchefeu

Article Brain metastases of colorectal and oesogastric cancers: epidemiology, carcinogenesis and management (p.1057-63)
Violaine Randrian

Article “Small” pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors: who, why and when operated on? (p.1064-72)
Charles de Ponthaud, Julien de Martino, Sébastien Gaujoux

Dossier thématique : Gastroparésie

Article Pré-test QCM (p.1074-5)
Chloé Melchior, Guillaume Gourcerol

Mise au point

Article Place of functional explorations in gastroparesis (p.1076-82)
Guillaume Gourcerol

Cas clinique

Article A rare cause of gastroparesis (p.1083-5)
Frank Zerbib, Margot Biscay

Revue bibliographique

Article Endoscopy and gastroparesis: Where are we? (p.1086-90)
Raphael Olivier, Jérémie Jacques

Entretien avec l’expert

Article Refractory gastroparesis to medical treatment: interview with the Pr Benoît Coffin (p.1091-4)
Benoît Coffin

Article Post-test QCM (p.1095-6)
Chloé Melchior, Guillaume Gourcerol

Concepts et pratique

Article Is vedolizumab better in combination therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases? (p.1097-101)
Timothée Vigié, Mathieu Uzzan

Article Immunotherapy and rectal cancer, the revolution is underway (p.1102-6)
David Sefrioui

Article Pancreatoscopyguided lithotripsy for the treatment of obstructive pancreatic duct stones: Can it replace extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy? (p.1107-10)
Christelle d’Engremont

Article Liver injury after Covid vaccination (p.1111-4)
Alexandre Pariente

Article Surgery after endoscopic resection of a T1 colorectal cancer with an isolated deep submucosal invasion: is it still mandatory? (p.1115-7)
Félix Corre, Maximilien Barret, Stanislas Chaussade, Jérémie Jacques

Brève d’histoire

Article The « Saint-Lazare school » (1972-1981) (p.1118-23)
Antoine Cortot


Article The controversy is not always useless and comparison is not always right. Response to Imbert-Tarrerias et al. regarding live technical demonstrations (p.1125-30)
Philippe Lévy

Injections de rappel

Article À retenir du n°8 Octobre 2022 (p.1131-5)