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Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Volume 28, issue 7, September 2021

Special feature: Genetics of pancreatitis


Volume 28, issue 7, September 2021


En accès libre It's finally happening in esophageal cancer! (p.795-803)
Astrid Lièvre
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Article Post-polypectomy colonoscopy surveillance (p.805-16)
Michel Robaszkiewicz, Gabriel Rahmi, Thierry Lecomte, Bernard Denis, Éric Vaillant, Olivier Gronier, Stanislas Chaussade, Et les membres des groupes de travail


Article Pregnancy and biologics: An update on the management of IBD patients at the time of pregnancy (p.817-24)
Xavier Roblin, Quentin Tournier

Article Anal fissure treatment: France against the world? (p.825-31)
Marine Guingand, Dominique Bouchard, Thierry Higuero, Véronique Vitton

Article Position of EUS-FNA in management of cystic tumours of the pancreas (p.832-9)
Ardavan Prost, Arthur Laquière

Article Main hereditary susceptibility syndromes to pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Diagnosis and screening (p.840-8)
Marie Muller, Cindy Neuzillet, Bruno Buecher

Dossier thématique : Génétique de la pancréatite

Article Pré-test QCM (p.850-1)

Mise au point

Article Genetics of pancreatitis (p.853-63)
Lucie Laurent, Vinciane Rebours

Cas clinique

Article The same mutation for two sisters but two dramatically different situations (p.864-7)
Laurent Bucchini, Vinciane Rebours

Revue bibliographique

Article Genetics of pancreatitis: A review of the literature (p.868-72)
Louis Buscail, Barbara Bournet

Entretien avec les experts

Article Genetics of pancreatitis: A view into the past and vision into the future (p.873-7)
David C. Whitcomb, Claude Férec, Vinciane Rebours

Article Post-test QCM (p.878-80)


Article Coeliac disease in adult patients: Are duodenal biopsies still necessary? (p.881-4)
Anthony Buisson

Article A randomized trial of home-based exercise in patients with cirrhosis: A negative but informative trial (p.885-8)
Alexandre Pariente

Article OTSC® clips in non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding: The new reference? (p.889-95)
Thomas Lambin, Mathieu Pioche, Jérémie Jacques

Article Paradigm shift in the management of locally advanced rectal cancer with the PRODIGE 23 study (p.896-903)
David Sefrioui

Article Surufatinib in advanced extrapancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (p.904-8)
Marine Perrier, Louis de Mestier


Article History of FibroScan®: French genius serving the sicks (p.909-12)
Jean Louis Payen


Article A retenir du no 6 juin 2021 (p.913-6)