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Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Volume 26, issue 1, Janvier 2019

Dossier thématique : Maladies inflammatoires chroniques intestinales et cancers digestifs


Volume 26, issue 1, Janvier 2019

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Philippe Lévy
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Article Fungal microbiota and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (p.11-4)
Mathias L. Richard, Harry Sokol


Article Quality criteria for colonoscopy – CNP-HGE and SFED recommendations (p.15-28)
Jean Lapuelle, David Bernardini, Michel Robaszkiewicz, Stanislas Chaussade

Article Quality criteria for colonoscopy reporting – CNP-HGE and SFED recommendations (p.29-33)
David Bernardini, Jean Lapuelle, Stanislas Chaussade, Michel Robaszkiewicz


Article Endoscopic treatment of refractory gastroparesis (p.34-41)
Jean-Michel Gonzalez, Véronique Vitton, Marc Barthet

Article Ablation therapies for Barrett's esophagus: which alternatives to radiofrequency? (p.42-9)
Maximilien Barret, Benoit Bordaçahar, Benoit Terris, Romain Coriat, Sarah Leblanc, Stanislas Chaussade

Article Liver and muscular diseases (p.50-8)
Émeric Boisteau, Dominique Guyader

Article Metastatic colorectal cancers: A step-up strategy in a palliative setting? (p.59-65)
Jean-Louis Legoux, Sylvain Manfredi

Article Diagnostic and management of small bowel diverticulosis (p.66-74)
Clément Destan, Brice Malgras

Article Intra rectal retrovision during colonoscopy: What are we speaking about? (p.75-8)
Clémence Breton, Dominique Lamarque

Dossier thématique : Maladies inflammatoires chroniques intestinales et cancers digestifs

Article Pré-test QCM (p.80-1)

Mise au point

Article Digestive cancers complicating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (p.82-95)
Lucile Heroin, Julien Uzan, Marlène Nguimpi-Tambou, Jean-Marie Reimund, Bénédicte Caron

Cas clinique

Article Small bowel adenocarcinoma complicating ileal Crohn's disease: A rare but difficult diagnosis (p.96-8)
Marlène Nguimpi-Tambou, Bénédicte Caron, Jean-Marie Reimund

Revue bibliographique

Article Digestive cancers and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: improve their understanding, detection and management (p.99-103)
Lucile Heroin, Laura Le Com, Bénédicte Caron, Jean-Marie Reimund

Entretien avec l'expert

Article A better knowledge about digestive cancers in IBD should modify our surveillance of patients (p.104-7)
Laurent Beaugerie

Article Post-test QCM (p.108-10)

Concepts et pratique

Article Long-term albumin administration increases survival in patients with cirrhosis and ascites (p.111-4)
Alexandre Pariente

Article Incidence, risk factors, and clinical effects of recurrent diverticular hemorrhage: A large cohort study (p.115-6)
Laura Cohen

Article Immunotherapy and microsatellite instability-high metastatic colorectal cancer, is it for today or tomorrow? (p.117-22)
David Sefrioui

Article Artificial Intellignecy for increasing the adénoma detection rate during screening colonoscopy: The future is already here! (p.123-6)
Jean-Michel Gonzalez

From bench to bed side, La rubrique des DHU

Article New insights and perspectives on intestinal ischemia/reperfusion (p.127-34)
Alexandre Nuzzo, Alexy Tran-Dinh, Audrey Huguet, Giuseppina Caligiuri, Antonino Nicoletti, Olivier Corcos

Injections de rappel

Article À retenir du no 10 décembre 2018 (p.135-7)