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Granuloma in gastro-intestinal tract: a lot of causes Volume 17, issue 4, juillet-août 2010


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CHU de Saint-Etienne, Service de gastro-entérologie, Hôpital Nord, avenue Albert Raimond, 42055 Saint-Etienne cedex

Most of granulomatous diseases (infectious or not) may involve gastrointestinal tract. A granuloma, found in digestive biopsy, is a non-specific marker of inflammation. Different causes should be searched for Crohn's disease, tuberculosis, and sarcoïdosis are the most frequent. Other causes, that are also studied in the present review have to be evocated: mycobacteriosis, histoplasmosis, vasculitides, syphilis, Helicobacter pylori ‘s gastritis, Whipple's disease, lymphomas, yersiniosis, chronic granulomatous disease.