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Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive


Bowel ultrasound in inflammatory bowel diseases Volume 28, issue 6, Juin 2021


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1 CHU d’Amiens-Picardie, Service d’hépatogastroenterologie, 1 rue Professeur Christian Cabrol, 80000 Amiens
2 Clinique du Palais, Gastroentérologue, 25 avenue Chiris, 06130 Grasse
3 CHU d’Amiens-Picardie, Service de radiologie, 1 rue Professeur Christian Cabrol, 80000 Amiens
* Correspondance

The gold standard for the diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the colonoscopy. In the era of “tight control” and “treat to target” strategies, the development of non-invasive, well-tolerated, repeatable and inexpensive biomarkers are needed. Compared to colonoscopy and Magnetic resonance imaging, bowel ultrasound (US) has shown to have the same level of accuracy in assessing and monitoring disease activity and severity of both Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. It can be performed at the point-of-care and therefore allow for real-time clinical decision-making. The aim of this review is to discuss the interest of intestinal ultrasound in the management of patients with IBD. The objective of this review is to provide an update on the current and future place of ultrasound in IBD.