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Functional constipation in children: strategy of explorations and orientations Volume 24, issue 2, Février 2017


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Clinique de Pédiatrie Saint Antoine,
Hôpital Saint Vincent de Paul,
Groupement des Hôpitaux de l’Institut Catholique de Lille (GH-ICL),
Université Catholique de Lille,
Bd de Belfort, 59020 Lille Cedex,
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In Western countries, constipation achieve nearly one third of the children and is in constant increase. In the majority of cases, the constipation is functional and the management is simple followed by a favourable evolution. Nevertheless, the general practitioner or the paediatrician must know to detect constipation of organic origin or complicated cases that require more specialized catch of load. Functional constipation diagnosis is mainly based on clinical history and medical exam of the child. The performances of complementary work-up and radiological and/or mano-metric procedures are discussed case by case.