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Treat-to-target, finally a reality in Crohn's disease? Volume 25, supplement 3, Novembre 2018


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CHU de Nice, Hôpital de l’Archet 2, Service de gastro-entérologie et nutrition, Route de Saint-Antoine de Ginestière, 06202, Nice, France
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The concept of treat to target (T2T), which has emerged in several chronic diseases (hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, psoriasis and inflammatory rheumatism), is gradually emerging in Cohn's disease. Indeed, the destructive nature of this disease, the effectiveness of early treatment and the better prognosis of patients who have obtained endoscopic healing lead to the optimization of therapeutic strategies. Recent prospective studies suggest the effectiveness of the T2T strategy, particularly on obtaining endoscopic healing. These data are now sufficient to recommend this type of care, which must be implemented with the patient's consent and promotes patient's empowerment. Further studies are needed to demonstrate that this type of management can change sustainably the Crohn's disease behaviour.

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