Generalized epilepsy and memory. Volume 18, supplement 2, Numéro spécial, Septembre 2006

Centre de Recherche, hôpital Sainte-Justine pour enfants, Montréal, Centre de Recherche en Neuropsychologie et Cognition, Université de Montréal C.P. 6128, Succ. Centre-Ville, Montréal, Qc. H3C 3J7

Generalised epilepsy is often accompanied by a poor cognitive profile. Also, memory problems are often associated with patients suffering from generalised epilepsy. Indeed, complaints related to memory functions are those that are most often reported by such patients. Furthermore, difficulties with both short- and long-term memory are frequently measured in these patients, whether they be adults or children. Still, there are numerous contradictions in the literature with regards to the deficits that are observed. The main goal of this article is therefore to describe the different memory profiles that exist in children and adults with generalised epilepsy. In addition, various explanations of the origins of these problems will be presented. However, regardless of the cause of such memory problems, they can have an important impact on activities of daily living, as well as on social, academic and professional activities. The investigation and definition of the memory problems reported by patients with generalised epilepsy is therefore fundamental.