Itinerant experience of fight against the epilepsy in Senegal Volume 20, issue 2, avril-mai-juin 2008

Clinique du Centre hospitalier national psychiatrique de Thiaroye, BP 5410 Dakar Fann, Sénégal

The care of the epileptics in developing countries meets multiple difficulties including lack of specialists, lack of material of neurological explorations and antiepileptic drugs. The difficulties of access to the care in Africa were pointed out by diverse studies. This work is a decentralised contribution to the fight against the epilepsy in Senegal by introducing a program of fast access to the care at a community level. The program supported by a travelling team included periodic specialized consultations, EEG recording and a set of concerted actions in information and education. The results of the initial stage of the activities show the interest of the proximity of the care in the medical coverage and the prevention of the epilepsies. Among the positive results are : a good therapeutic observance, an increasing attendance of the consultations and a real reassurance of the local populations and the regional health workers. This activity is to be pursued in zones with strong deficit in resources of fight against the epilepsy.