Epilepsies, socio-educative and professional progress for 10 years Volume 19, issue 4, Octobre, Novembre, Décembre 2007

Service de neurologie CHU de Nancy, 29 avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, 54000 Nancy, Centre de bilans et de recherches, AFE, 38, rue du Plat, 59000 Lille

The authors review the main progresses in the social area related to epilepsies and propose a pragmatic classification as a tool for a better communication. They present the place of epilepsy in the French Health Care Plan and its perspectives of action. Emphasis is put on the program of therapeutic education and the means that are necessary to achieve this goal. Professional progresses are viewed through the new law regulating the criteria of medical ability for driving especially for the group 2 vehicles and through the education of health care professionals.