Levetiracetam‐induced paroxysmal kinesigenic dystonia in ring 20 chromosome epilepsy Volume 15, issue 3, Juillet 2003


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Département de neurologie, CHU Grenoble, Grenoble, France

Paroxysmal kinesigenic dystonia occurrence in ring 20 chromosome epilepsy syndrome is reported in a 19‐year‐old male patient. Clinical manifestations were observed during exposition to levetiracetam in association with his regular antiepileptic drug regimen, and no recurrence was observed after levetiracetam discontinuation. Video‐EEG recording of a typical episode showed rhythmic theta waves involving the right hemisphere during left arm dystonic posturing triggered by repetitive movement. Since an interictal implication of basal ganglia has been suggested by functional imaging in this syndrome, the authors suggest that such clinical manifestation could reflect ictal basal ganglia dysfunction.