Epileptic Disorders


Temporal lobe epilepsy with a contralateral parietal seizure-onset zone Volume 23, issue 5, October 2021


(1) What does ictal blinking imply?


(2) In this case, why was it important to recognize that the clinical onset started before the delta activity over the left temporal area on surface EEG?


(3) Name a few interhemispheric connections that may be involved in seizure propagation.







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(1) Ictal blinking implies interictal/ictal involvement of the posterior region.


(2) It is important to identify the clinical onset and correlate it with the EEG. If the clinical onset precedes the EEG changes, this may suggest a propagation to the temporal lobe rather than temporal seizure onset zone.


(3) The anterior commissure, fornix, corpus callosum, and others.








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