Epileptic Disorders


Reflex epilepsy and non‐ketotic hyperglycemia Volume 5, issue 3, September 2003


  • Reflex epilepsy and non-ketotic hyperglycemia


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Haseki Education and Research Hospital, Neurology Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

Epileptic seizures are paroxysmal events, and it is likely that many, if not most, of them are precipitated by known or unknown factors acting on a central nervous system that is predisposed to the production of epileptic discharges by the presence of an organic lesion, a genetically determined neuronal hyperexcitability, or both. Known precipitating influences are quite varied. We report the case of a 58 years‐old patient, followed for non‐ketotic hyperglycemia, who presented with focal seizures exclusively induced by specific, active or passive, postures and movements of the right arm or hand. MRI was normal. Following regulation of glucose blood levels the position‐induced seizures stopped and antiepileptics were not prescribed. The seizures are kept under control by regulating blood glucose. [Published with video sequences].