John Libbey Eurotext

Prolonged EEGs in adult patients with a first unprovoked seizure: a prospective pilot study Volume 21, issue 6, December 2019


1 McMaster University, Department of Medicine, Division of Neurology, McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences,
2 McMaster University, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
* Correspondence: Michelle Shapiro Hamilton General Hospital 237 Barton Street East, M-Wing Rm. 711 Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 2X2, Canada


Definitions of epilepsy have changed to include a first unprovoked seizure with a high (>60%) risk of recurrence in the next 10 years. A single seizure and an epileptiform discharge on an EEG would suffice for this diagnosis. We hypothesized that an extended six-hour EEG in adult patients presenting with a first unprovoked seizure would demonstrate an increased yield of epileptiform discharges in comparison to a standard 30-minute EEG, and therefore higher rates of epilepsy diagnosis.