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Postictal behaviour in temporal lobe epilepsy Volume 8, issue 3, September 2006


  • Postictal behaviour in temporal lobe epilepsy


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Unidad de Epilepsia, Servicio de Neurología, Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Madrid, Spain

Postictal phenomena such as nose-wiping, coughing and hypersalivation are believed to reflect a purposeful reaction to hypersecretion after regaining consciousness following a complex partial seizure, and are very common in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, particularly in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. Nose-wiping is usually performed with the hand ipsilateral to the side of seizure onset. Our patient illustrates an unusual, exaggerated postictal behaviour consisting of long-lasting nose-wiping, coughing and guttural sounds following a complex partial seizure due to right mesial temporal lobe epilepsy.[Published with video sequences]