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Extraoccipital photoparoxysmal response in a case of focal encephalitis Volume 13, issue 1, Mars 2011


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Department of Neurology, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, India

Photoparoxysmal response (PPR) is commonly associated with idiopathic generalised epilepsies. Most of the focal events induced by intermittent photic stimulation (IPS) are reported to be of occipital origin. Only six temporal lobe epilepsy patients have been reported in the literature with focal PPR at extraoccipital sites. We report a four-year-old girl with possible encephalitis who presented initially with epilepsia partialis continua of limbs on the right side. Interictally, she had left centro-parietal periodic lateralized epileptiform discharges (PLEDs). She responded to medical treatment and was free of seizures and motor and cognitive deficits at six months follow-up. Repeat EEG at follow-up showed left centro-parietal spikes accentuated by IPS. This is the first report of an extraoccipital, extratemporal focus showing PPR. The possible mechanism of PPR from this fronto-parietal epileptogenic focus is discussed.