John Libbey Eurotext

Benign early infantile reflex absence seizures. Volume 4, issue 1, March 2002


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Neurologist, Stichting Hans Berger Kliniek, PO Box 90108, 4800 RA Breda, The Netherlands.

This case report, with videotape, focuses on reflex epileptic seizures of a girl who started to have seizures, provoked by tactile stimuli, at the age of twelve months. They were described as myoclonic jerks predominantly in the upper part of the body and the arms. During video/EEG monitoring at the age of fifteen months, seizures provoked by the same tactile stimuli were recorded. For clinical and electroencephalographic reasons, these are best described as absence seizures (persistence of minimal myoclonic jerking). To our knowledge, such seizures at this age have not been documented before. Treatment with antiepileptic agents was not initiated. Six months later the seizures stopped spontaneously and have not recurred. Two years later, psychomotor and behavioural development is normal [published with video- sequences].