European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 33, issue 2, March-April 2023


Volume 33, issue 2, March-April 2023

Investigative reports

Article Machine learning algorithm to predict response to immunotherapy in real-life settings for patients with advanced melanoma (p.75-80)
Cécile Frenard, Katleen Blanchet, Philippe Lecerf, Emilie Varey, Amir Khammari, Brigitte Dréno

Article Analysis of cost-effectiveness of chemotherapeutic agents and new therapies for the management of unresectable and metastatic melanoma (p.81-6)
Clément Charpentier, Valéry-Pierre Riche, Jean-Michel Nguyen, Romain Guile, Émilie Varey, Clémentine Fronteau, Laurent Flet, Patrick Thomare, Alexandra Poinas, Amir Khammari, Brigitte Dreno

Article Research interest in the usage of dupilumab for atopic dermatitis: a bibliometric analysis (p.87-100)
Jia-Xin Li, Yue-Ping Zeng

Clinical reports

Article Facial tinea incognito: a clinical, dermoscopic and mycological study of 38 cases (p.101-8)
Hyun-Bin Kwak, Sang-Kyung Lee, Hyo-Hyun Yoo, Il-Jae Lee, Geon-Jong Lee, Kyung-Hwa Nam, Seok-Kweon Yun, Jin Park

Article “Plasma cell gingivitis” encompasses multiple entities: a retrospective series of 37 cases (p.109-20)
Agathe Louisy, Juliette Rochefort, Françoise Plantier, Thibault Kervarrec, Pauline Quilhot, Scarlette Agbo Godeau, Emmanuelle Vigarios, Laurent Misery, Sylvie Boisrame, Celine Bernardeschi, Marie Helene Tessier, Marie Masson Regnault, Jean Noel Dauendorffer, Christelle Le Roux-Villet, Alexandra Picard, Margaux Garnier, Sabine Mares De Metz, Corinne Husson, Nathalie Beneton, Loic Vaillant, Jean-Christophe Fricain, Mahtab Samimi

Article Comparative dermoscopy assessment of nevus-associated versus de novo in situ melanoma (p.121-5)
Francesco Bellinato, Agata Moar, Paolo Rosina, Paolo Gisondi, Giampiero Girolomoni

Article Panniculitis does not predict clinical response in patients with advanced melanoma under targeted therapy (p.126-36)
Marie Piroth, Thomas Goronflot, Romain Samaran, Emilie Varey, Alexandra Poinas, Amir Khammari, Brigitte Dreno


En accès libre Effect of a novel “emollient plus” formulation on mild-to-severe atopic dermatitis and other dry skin-related diseases as monotherapy or adjunctive therapy: an observational study on efficacy, tolerance and quality of life in adult patients (p.137-46)
Aikaterini Patsatsi, Efstratios Vakirlis, Antonios Kanelleas, Irene Stefanaki, Christina Kemanetzi, Christoforos Loizidis, Efstathia Pasmatzi
Open Access

Genes and Skin

Article Machine learning-based screening for biomarkers of psoriasis and immune cell infiltration (p.147-56)
Yang Zhou, Ziting Wang, Lu Han, Yixuan Yu, Ning Guan, Runan Fang, Yue Wan, Zeyu Yang, Jianhong Li

Article Atopic dermatitis in 15q24 microdeletion syndrome: a social media study (p.157-9)
Numa Deydier, Mélodie Salvado, Marc Planes, Laurent Misery, Claire Abasq-Thomas


Article SP/5-HT functional cross-talk in melanin biosynthesis: interaction between NK1R and 5-HT2AR (p.160-2)
Yifan Zhang, Chen Hong, Chenqi Zhang, Huiliang Li, Wenting Lv, Kang Cheng, Zhi Lv, Yiming Li, Huali Wu

Article Creeping hair: a case report and literature review (p.162-4)
Wanyu Sun, Huiping Wang, Meng Xiao, Yuqing Qi

Article Telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans associated with multiple myeloma (p.164-5)
Huai-Yu Wang, Chang-Hua Zhu, Qian Zheng, Lin-Xin Dong, Li-Hang Lin, Xue-Min Xiao

Article Pemphigus foliaceus complicated with Listeria monocytogenes infection and meningitis (p.165-7)
Jianing Wang, Jing Jing, Xin Shi, Shiyao Jiang

Article Erythroderma with brentuximab vedotin in a patient with mycosis fungoides (p.167-8)
Masakazu Kakurai, Kazumasa Oya, Shoichiro Ishizuki, Yasuhito Suehara, Toshifumi Nomura

Article Novel mutation in SPRED1: a sporadic case of Legius syndrome in an infant (p.168-70)
Lixin Chen, Ying Wang, Hongwei Fang, Xinxin Liu, Qinfeng Li

Article Psoriasis vulgaris associated with primary biliary cholangitis: IL-23 links skin manifestations and liver function (p.170-2)
Machiko Kamura, Takuya Inoue, Kazunari Sugita

Article Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis secondary to mianserin with liver involvement (p.172-4)
Pedro Rolo Matos, Ana Nogueira, Nuno Gomes, Ana Pedrosa, Ana Coelho, Filomena Azevedo

En accès libre A case of Parry-Romberg syndrome with contralateral cephalic bone fibrous dysplasia (p.174-5)
Yanan Sun, Han Deng, Huiping Wang, Quanzhong Liu, Shuping Hou
Open Access

Article Solitary scalp folliculocystic and collagen hamartoma caused by c.2353C>T TSC2 somatic mutation in a sporadic case of tuberous sclerosis complex with calvarial fibrous dysplasia (p.175-8)
Fang Qiu, Yun Luo, An-Ting Zhan, Fang-Gu Li, Yi-Ming Fan

En accès libre Subungual haemorrhage in a patient with pemphigus vulgaris (p.178-9)
Yuexin Zhang, Xilin Zhang, Fujuan Chen, Shuang Xu, Yuling Shi, Yangfeng Ding
Open Access

Article Psoriasiform lesions induced by anti-PD-1 antibody (p.179-81)
Li-wen Zhang, Yan Li, Li-xin Fu, Yong-hong Lu, Tao Chen, Rong-Hua Xu

Article The perils of wearing G-strings (p.181-2)
Stefano Veraldi, Gianluca Nazzaro

En accès libre Acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau with insufficient response to ixekizumab and infliximab, successfully treated with a combination of ustekinumab and tofacitinib (p.182-3)
Xiaohong Chen, Xiaoyan Huang, Li Ma, Bin Wang, Jiabin Tian, Xiaoming Liu
Open Access

Article Recall phenomenon induced by two different agents, iodinated non-ionic contrast and docetaxel-cisplatin, in a single patient (p.183-5)
Hitoshi Terui, Tatsuya Hagihara, Muneaki Shimada, Yoshihide Asano, Masato Mizuashi

Article Decreased serum placental growth factor levels in adult atopic dermatitis: a preliminary study (p.185-6)
Reo Komaki, Tomomitsu Miyagaki, Tatsuro Okano, Sora Takeuchi, Takafumi Kadono

Residents’ corner

Article Journal club: What’s new in atopic dermatitis (p.187-90)
Angel Rosell Diaz, Tassilo Dege, Inès Chircop, Victoire Reynaud, Niamh Byrne, Am Lé, Paloma Garcia-Piqueras

Article Clues in Dermoscopy. Epidermotropic cutaneous malignant melanoma metastases: a description of 25 cases (p.190-2)
Paloma García-Piqueras, José Antonio Avilés-Izquierdo

Article Concurrent Sweet syndrome and erythema nodosum: two sides of the same coin? (p.192-3)
Tassilo Dege, Astrid Schmieder, Andreas Kerstan, Matthias Goebeler, Simon G. Goller

Article sQuiz your knowledge! A blue-greyish asymptomatic papule on the earlobe (p.194-5)
Ana Luísa João, Mafalda Pestana, Nélia Cunha

Article sQuiz your knowledge! A painful erythematous nodule on the chin (p.195-6)
Catarina Correia, Miguel Nunes

Article sQUIZ your knowledge! Blistering verrucous lesions on the feet (p.197-8)
Jacem Rouatbi, Mohamed Ben Rejeb, Mohamed Denguezli

Article sQUIZ your knowledge! Pearly papules of the vulva (p.198-200)
Amal Chamli, Chaima Kouki, Anissa Zaouak

Article sQUIZ your knowledge! A reticular pruritic rash in a young man (p.201-2)
Jacem Rouatbi, Mohamed Denguezli, Badreddine Sriha