European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 10, issue 2, March 2000


Volume 10, issue 2, March 2000

Article revue

Article Nerve growth factor and keratinocytes: a role in psoriasis (p.85-90)
C. Pincelli


Article Temporary hair loss using the long-pulsed alexandrite laser at 20 milliseconds (p.103-6)
C. Raulin, B. Greve

Article Comparative study between terbinafine 1% emulsion-gel versus ketoconazole 2% cream in tinea cruris and tinea corporis (p.107-9)
A. Bonifaz, A. Saúl

Gènes et peau

Article Pili torti and sensorineural hearing loss. A follow-up of Bjørnstad’s original patients and a review of the literature (p.91-7)
E. Selvaag

Article Atrichia, ichthyosis, follicular hyperkeratosis, chronic candidiasis, keratitis, seizures, mental retardation and inguinal hernia: a severe manifestation of IFAP syndrome? (p.98-102)
M. del Boente, H. Bibas-Bonet, A.M. Coronel, R.A. Asial


Article Reproducibility of a dermoscopic method (7FFM) for the diagnosis of malignant melanoma (p.110-4)
C. Benelli, E. Roscetti, V. Dal Pozzo

Article Different interaction of mast cells with human endothelial cells and fibroblasts (p.115-21)
T. Ohtsuka

Cas cliniques

Article The effects of hair loss in European men: a survey in four countries (p.122-7)
D. Budd, D. Himmelberger, T. Rhodes, T.E. Cash, C.J. Girman

Article Epidemiology of occupational contact dermatitis in a North Italian population (p.128-32)
A. Lodi, L.L. Mancini, M. Ambonati, A. Coassini, G. Ravanelli, C. Crosti

Article Clinical evolution of alopecia areata with a male androgenetic alopecia pattern to sisaipho (p.133-4)
F. Camacho, M.-J. Garcia-Hernandez

Article Grzybowski’s generalized eruptive keratocanthomas: a case report (p.135-8)
P.-J. Gjersvik, E. Egass, O.P.F. Clausen

Article Extensive haemorrhagic-bullous skin manifestation of systemic AA-amyloidosis associated with Iglmyeloma (p.139-42)
J.-U. Grundmann, B. Bonnekoh, H. Gollnick

Article Early detection of lymph node metastases by 7.5 MHz-ultrasound examination in a patient with primary malignant melanoma of the lung (p.143-5)
M.-H. Schmid-Wendtner, C.-M. Wendtner, C. Sander, O. Thetter, M. Volkenond

Article Nail alterations secondary to pactitaxel therapy (p.146-7)
M. Almagro, J. del Pozo, J. Garcia, A. Vasquez, E. Fonseca

Votre diagnostic !

Article Subungual squamous cell carcinoma mimicking chronic paronychia (p.149-50)
R. Betti, R. Vergani, E. Inselvini, E. Tolomio, C. Crosti

Article Urticaria factitia (itching urticarial dermographism) released by suction disks of an electrocardiograph (p.151-2)
T. Küster, U. Wentscher, R. Happle

Lettre de l'éditeur

Article A case of persistent light reaction phenomenon to ketoprofen? (p.153-4)
A.-M. Offidani, A. Cellini, P. Amerio, O. Simonetti, G. Bossi

Notes de l’éditeur

Article European Dermatology Forum Reporter June 1999 (p.161-3)
L.R. Braathen

Articles FMC

Article The use of systemic antimycotics in dermatotherapy (p.155-60)
M. Niewerth, H.-C. Korting