Bulletin du Cancer

Bulletin du Cancer

Volume 91, issue 12, Décembre 2004


Volume 91, issue 12, Décembre 2004

Electronic journal of oncology

Article A phase I-II, dose-escalating trial of ZD9331 in combination with irinotecan (CPT11) in previously pretreated metastatic colorectal cancer patients (p.10279-84)
C Louvet, T André, E Gamelin, M-L Garcia, A Saavedra, G Lenaers, A de Gramont, D Méry-Mignard, S Kalla

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Article Combi-molecules: a global approach towards better chemoselectivity and chemosensitivity (p.911-5)
Stéphanie Matheson, Qiyu Qiu, Fouad Brahimi, Fabienne Dudouit, Ranjita Banerjee, Zakaria Rachid, Bertrand J Jean-Claude

Article Tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors in the treatment of breast cancer in menopausal women: pharmacological and clinical aspects (p.917-27)
Patricia de Cremoux, Véronique Diéras, Marie-France Poupon, Henri Magdelénat, Brigitte Sigal-Zafrani, Alain Fourquet, Jean-Yves Pierga


Article Expression of the p56lck by colon tumors: a marker of their invasive capacity? (p.928-40)
Evelyne Rouer


Article Standards, Options and Recommendations 2004: good practice guidelines for second opinion in anatomic and surgical pathology in oncology (integral report). (p.941-57)
J Hassoun, Anne Bataillard, Jean-Jacques Voigt, Jean-Marie Coindre, E Anger, Jean-Pierre Bellocq, Roland Bugat, A Bougnoux, Jacques Dauplat, M Hebbar, JP Gérard, Evelyne Bourstyn

Article original

Article Prostate cancer diagnosed before 55: a retrospective study from the Rare Cancer Network (p.959-64)
Tan Dat Nguyen, Philip MP Poortmans, Marleen van der Hulst, Gabriela Studer, Éva Pigois, Timothy D Collen, Yazid Belkacemi, Véronique Beckendorf, Raymond Miralbell, Luciano Scandolaro, Guy Soete, Salvador Villa, Eliahu Gez, Olivier Thomas, Marco Krengli, Marie Saliou

Article Provider delays among patients with breast cancer in a Regional Cancer Care Network: feasibility of personal care schedule (p.965-71)
Clotilde Latarche, Emmanuel Desandes, Daniel Mayeux, Joseph Stines, François Guillemin

Article Prevention of preparation errors of cytotoxic drugs in centralized units: from epidemiology to quality assurance (p.972-6)
Frédéric Martin, Christine Legat, Jérôme Coutet, Claire-Hélène Bracco-Nolin, Micheline Jacquet, Marie-Christine Woronoff-Lemsi, Samuel Limat

Article Knowledge and preferences of the patients about medical information: a study on 700 patients in a regional comprehensive cancer centre (p.977-84)
B Camhi, N Moumjid, A Brémond

Compte rendu de congrès

Article 16th EORTC-NCI-AACR symposium on new molecular targets and cancer therapeutics. (p.985-8)
François Lavelle

Article 23th meeting of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) (p.989-92)
Jean-Jacques Mazeron